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Customers are completely satisfied with Horstmann

As part of a customer satisfaction survey Horstmann has questioned their long-term customers for their opinion. Subjects of this survey included mainly the importance of various attributes such as quality or price-performance ratio, but also the degree of satisfaction in relation to these. Respondents also were given the opportunity to attach comments or suggestions that will affect the company Horstmann in the future.

The result of the survey was very positive, which demonstrates customer confidence in the company.

In the beginning was asked, how the customer became aware of Horstmann - this happened in about 80% by simple recommendations. The question, which are attributes of importance for the award of contract, has been anwered with 100% for quality, followed by price-performance ratio and the order processing, delivery, and service.

After this the satisfaction retated to Horstmann could be evaluated in terms of these attributes. It became clear that especially the advice and the quality of the products were rated as very good. Also for Horstmann particularly important collaboration with customers, as well as punctuality and service were rewarded with great satisfaction.

Each customer would recommend the company Horstmann immediately. This is a particular point, as the company is met with great confidence at this point. Horstmann customers also have the possibility of free writing have used extensively. They advised to continue the quality, the service, the speed and flexibility to maintain and always to work as customer orientation as before - all this makes clear that Horstmann is appreciated by its customers as it is.

We would like to thank all our customers who participated this survey and are pleased about the positive feedback from you.

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