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Horstmann for active employee health

A very special kind of Health Day was on the agenda at the Special machinery manufacturer Horstmann Heek. The Managing Director, Klaus Horstmann has decided to move the factor "health of employees" to become more and more in focus. Specialist-, trainee shortage and demographic trends are the major challenges of the future, said Klaus Horstmann.

In workplace health management (BGM) on health and motivation is a special importance. "These factors are more important than ever, especially in the context of the competitiveness of a company," said Friedhelm Perrevoort, Health Manager and Manager of the SGB Academy, in which the Heeker special machinery company Horstmann the BGM performs as a holistic concept.

Formerly often only a few courses were conducted in companies. The holistic BGM go a different way, according to the press release: "It will be all facets of corporate bonds". Aspects of a health promoting leadership and an appreciative attitude were just as important as a healthy working environment and be highly motivated.

Initiated at Horstmann Health puts the focus back health and welfare at work. Ansgar Schneider of Legdener physiotherapy Center led by the treatments with an employee.

Text source MZ, Ahaus
Photos: Photo MLZ-Heisterborg

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