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Engineering Project 2013

Young "technicians" develop a manipulator arm for order picking

The task for the 2013 Engineering Project was to develop a handling system that is simple, safe and easy for employees to use for the handling of buckets or containers during order picking as an attachment for an electro-hydraulic lift truck.

Two types of lift trucks had been provided. One was a manual hydraulic lift truck while the other was an electro-hydraulic lift wagon.

The main task for the system was the simplification of handling tasks in operational processes and to relieve the load on the employees. A manipulator arm for the order picking of containers was developed. The arm was then attached to the electro-hydraulic lift truck. The arm can be operated by one employee and spares the employee's back. The handling device can transport weights of up to 60 kg in a radius of movement of two metres and so it is particularly suited for order picking. Lifting and lowering of the load is controlled via a hydraulic control unit. We would like to congratulate our young "Team of Technicians" for the successful completion of the Engineering Project for 2013, supported by Horstmann Maschinenbau GmbH.

The photograph shows the "Team of Technicians" Dennis Zelic, Mirko Kappelhof, Andre Schulte and Matthias Haveresch as well as the project contact person from Horstmann Maschinenbau, engineer Rudolf Böckers.

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