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About Us

Horstmann Maschinenbau GmbH

Since our company was founded in 1979 we have constantly invested in our services for you. Our new administration building went into service in 1998.


Together with our customers we develop specific solutions that take the actuality of production into consideration, eliminate sources of error and meaningfully combine the physical transportation of goods with automating solutions.

Software optimised Workflow

With Horstmann Automation GmbH we dispose of in-house solutions, e.g. storage and transport management software, which considerably increases our engineering performances for user-orientated workflow concepts. This has caused for a significant and dynamic innovative impulse within our company.

Horstmann’s customers do not all forthwith wish to build new production halls.

Due to our experience as manufacturers of special purpose machinery we are generally in the position to integrate our solutions in existing production facilities thus allowing for reasonable consideration of spatial and production specific parameters.

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