Paternoster cabinet

Disabled Access - Accessibility - space saving - Comfortable - Safe

Intelligent technology for a simpler, more beautiful life in many areas. The paternoster cabinet can be used in many areas of work, for example:

  • filing cabinet
  • supply cabinet
  • crockery cabinet
  • housewares cabinet
  • and much more.

It can be used in the private sector as well as in work area. The paternoster cabinet can be used for both barrier-free living, as well as in offices, workshops, warehouses, stores or be used similarly. The paternoster cabinet can be operated from seated and standing people. The cabinet is ideal for households in the different sized live together, for the disabled, wheelchair, suitable diminutive people, the elderly and suitable for children.

Due to the large design options for paternoster cabinet in almost any interior environment is deployed and integrated. The operation of the Paternoster cabinet via keyboard or remote control, after pressing the selected drive trays on your preferred height and the parts can be removed.

The paternoster cabinet combines comfort with functional, practical and safety aspects:

  • Individual planning: production as needed, what height, width, and height intervention concerns
  • Individual look: The paternoster cabinet is not only functional, but also look to match your furniture. Choose the design that complements the furniture
  • Comfortable: each tray swings silently on a button in the custom grip height
  • Functional: the use of Paternoster cabinet can be done in full height
  • Practical: no head, no stretching required the engagement height is fixed
  • Safe: additional devices such as circuit omitted, thus an accident hazard is removed.

When designing the Paternoster cabinet special emphasis was placed on ease of use and ease of installation. The basic version is the paternoster cabinet features eight gondolas and is electrically driven via a chain system. The operation of the cabinet via panel in front of the door, after the operation of the panel drives gondolas in the desired position.

After the nacelle has reached its position, the door can be opened and the desired part can be removed. With the door open no function of Paternoster cabinet is possible. The max. Cargo weight per pod is about 20 kg.

Description: Paternoster cabinet


to 8 gondolas (more on request) Width in mm: 600, 800, 900 and 1000 mm. Control panel by pressing a button.

Delivery is inclusive of all documentation and technical documents, the wooden body and the gondolas in the customer's requested materials are provided and installed by customer.

Paternosterschrank Präsentationsmodell Paternosterschrank in einer Küche