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Packing customer problem solved

Horstmann Maschinenbau GmbH has implemented according to the specifications and requirements of the customers roll handling, packaging and transport system.

The specifications and requirements of the clients were: Transport of roles for packaging and sorting Sort of roles for small roles to palletizing and large rolls to provide for the temporary storage Palletizing and packaging of small rolls on pallets, different batches of 4, 6 or 8 rolls Palletize rolls depending on diameter vertically or horizontally Packing the rolls with stretching of the intermediate layers for transport security Stretching the full range of unit Provision of transport to the warehouse pallets to manually or auto shipments into storage or warehouse Commission Packing large rollers and after setting the vertical and horizontal storage in a storage area Sorting and packaging including palletizing automatically after production specification.

After drafted by Horstmann Maschinenbau GmbH concept, the customer can now take advantage of the planned machine capacity of 100%. The sorting and packing is done automatically on product requirements.

Through the use of a robot, the range of provision and including rolls stacking is done to bring an intermediate layer. The system is programmed so that the individual layers are stretched in between, for transport security. After completion of the range size is the total unit, stretched and prepared for transport done

The transportation from machine to the packaging unit is with trolley, including sorting by small rolls and jumbo rolls. In the large rolls an FTS transport vehicle is used to carry on the role automatically in the field of stocks.

The diagram below shows part of the package unit with robots, stretch machine, pallet storage, liner bearings, belts, tilting trolley, trolley and FTS-transport vehicle.

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