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34 years of know-how, competence and service

Horstmann Maschinenbau GmbH: The company has been providing know-how, competence and services for no less than 34 years now.

Horstmann Maschinenbau GmbH was founded in 1979 in Heek by Franz Horstmann.

Tangible ideas and solutions.

Nowadays, with Klaus Horstmann at the helm, the innovative company develops individual and ecologically practical solutions for the construction of special machines for manufacturing processes in the plastics, paper, textile and printing industries as well as in the rubber and wood industries. Furthermore, Horstmann Maschinenbau GmbH supplies handling systems, technically sophisticated storage and transportation systems such as roll and cylinder storage, sleeve storage, roller storage, pallet storage, automatic cranes, variable speed conveyor belts, automated transport systems etc. as well as paternoster cabinets. In addition to Horstmann Maschinenbau GmbHs comprehensive performance portfolio, its subsidiary company, Horstmann Automation GmbH develops complex software solutions for fully automated work processes.

One of Horstmann Maschinenbau GmbHs other successful mainstays is contract and component manufacturing.

For many years, contract and component manufacturing has been one of Horstmann Machinenbau GmbHs successful mainstays. As an experienced specialist for the construction of specialised machinery, the company employs efficient solutions for the construction of individual and series parts, system components and complete assemblies including surface finishing such as powder coating, or burnishing. Customer concepts and demands are implemented competently, flexibly, economically and above all in a timely manner. For many customers, experience in the construction of special machinery, in handling systems and in automation technology makes Horstmann Maschinenbau GmbH the ideal co-operation partner for contract and component manufacturing. The company invests continuously in improving its performance. Due to the increased demand for contract and component manufacturing, Horstmann Machinenbau GmbHs manufacturing capacity has already been expanded and modernised. The many international references from the plastics and foil, paper, printing, textile, rubber, wood and mechanical engineering sectors speak for themselves.

Every sector poses its own demands. Targeted lateral thinking, innovation and cross sector technical know-how are the maxims and guarantors for Horstmann Maschinenbau GmbHs success. The company is a member of the VDMA (Association of German Mechanical and Plant Engineers e.V.) and DFTA (German speaking Flexography Specialist Group e.V.).

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